Brewing experience Zwettl

The Waldviertel has such a precious gift of nature - soft water, largely unencumbered by minerals, carried by a granite massif and respectfully referred to by the brewers as the "Golden Stream". Aromatic hops and malting barley for the malt also thrive in the Waldviertel. This means that the Zwettler brewers can, in the best sense of the word, bring beers typical of the region directly from nature, around the brewery, into the barrels and bottles.

Beer has been produced in Zwettl for more than 300 years. A tradition that arose from the monks' wealth of knowledge and is carried by the innovative power of strong entrepreneurs - up to today's Zwettl private brewery, which shapes the taste of the region with its beers. However, no secret is made of the contemporary and sustainable production of great beers. As part of the Zwettler brewing experience, the fascinating interaction of the various systems of a state-of-the-art brewery can therefore also be viewed - from the brewing kettle to the bottling hall, in which a spectacular system of machines and belts enables the cleaning, filling and labeling of more than thirty thousand bottles per hour.

Can you taste the origin of the beer? It can be explored at the Zwettler brewing experience! And you can get to the bottom of the taste of the beers during the Zwettler brewing experience - find out how the golden balls of the hop cones cause the bitterness of the beer, how the brewing malt gives the beer strength and body and how everything has to interact to create a beer with a strong character.

After the tour of the brewery, you go to the Zwickl-Stube to taste the beer specialties. At least two tankards - for a first glimpse of the great variety of beers - are included in the tour price. If you have the good fortune to take part in the holiday evening twilight shopping, you can enjoy a complete tasting of the private brewery's current range. How good it tastes is the most beautiful beer experience at the Zwettler brewing experience.


Group tour

The arrangement for groups of different sizes. Two hours for an interesting guided tour through the world of brewing culture? Then this offer is the right one for your group!

The Zwettler beer time

This visitor arrangement enables individual visits to the Zwettl private brewery on specific dates!

The Friday evening twilight pint

This visitor arrangement enables individual visits to the Zwettl private brewery on specific dates!


For more information or to answer open questions, the Zwettl private brewery is available by email at brauerlebnis(at)zwettler(dot)at or by phone at 02822/500-10.

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